You don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go.  You lead by going to that place and making a case. ~Ken Kesey

"Just as when coaching an individual, you are working on the relationship between their parts and their whole self, so when working with groups/teams/systems, you need to tend both the individual and the group structures, for they are dynamic, interconnected, inter-related entities.  If you ignore one or the other, you will obtain less than desired results and change will not be sustained." ~Wendy Shumway, MD

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As a leader in your organization, you have both authority and responsibility.  This can be experienced at times, as a double edged sword; you are able to initiate change, but it may feel daunting.  Whether you have a team that you wish to develop or a system you need to re-vitalize, engaging a professional coach can increase your success.  More specifically, a Core Energy coach can assist you in creating a structural shift in the system's operational paradigm, not just a behavioral change.  By working at a foundational level, Dr. Shumway, a Core Energy coach, supports your talent, be they employees or the C-suite team, in cultivating their capacity to self witness and engage in detached listening, initially with themselves, then with others.  As their perspectives change, they see new choices open to                             them.  Engagement and productivity increase, and the workplace culture starts to change.  

Coaching the energy of the individuals that comprise the organization creates the wave of change. If the wave has started at the highest levels of the system, it sweeps downward, inspiring and inviting others to ride it too, until it reaches the foundation level of workers and reflects back up to the top.  Energized, inspiring leaders create energized, inspired employees who channel the flow into their jobs and bring their best to their work.  The organization operates in a coherent, harmonic fashion, and with the synergy created, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.  Just as with the pendulums below, creative patterns emerge from disorder and overall motion is maintained.  Bottom line:  your business grows and people look forward to coming to work.