The axiom, 'the answers to all questions lie within' is at the heart of the coaching process.  All interactions between the coach and client are designed to support the client as they seek these hidden answers.  Coaching is an intentional dialogue between the person and himself or herself that is facilitated by the coach.  It is a conversation that has three phases: 

  • initially a turning inward to consider oneself.  
  • followed by a deep listening, a consideration and exploration:                                                                                        of who you are--your values, your experience, your knowledge;                                                                                                                               of who it is you want to be-- your dreams, your hopes, your visions;                                                                                                                of what is keeping you from being that desired version of you.                                                                                                                        
  • finally a turning back to the world, bringing out what you have discovered to create an authentic, purpose-filled, aligned life.

Coaching enables the client to live from the inside-out instead of from the outside-in. It connects them to their power, wisdom, talents and core being and then helps them harness those strengths to create the life they desire.  As an iPEC trained professional coach, Dr. Shumway utilizes the Core Energy Coaching process to help her clients tap into their inner purpose and passion and connect them to outer goals and tasks which bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.  Whether an individual, group or corporation, the coaching process assists the client in tapping their potential to achieve their desired results.


The Core Energy Coaching (CEC) process, developed by Bruce D. Schnieder over 20 years ago, was created drawing upon a variety of fields including: consulting, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, mentoring, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, neurolinguistic programming, learning theories, emotional intelligence and leadership development.  Utilizing the best of these many disciplines, Core Energy coaches develop a powerful alliance with clients that is dedicated to helping them better manage their lives at work and home and create greater fulfillment as the result of identifying and living their dreams.  

The Core Energy Coaching process focuses on change, embracing Heraclitus' wisdom that 'change is the only constant'.  While we cannot control change, we can master our impressions of and responses to it.  Learning to thrive in the face of change, to reach a point where change is welcomed because it is opportunity in its purest form, is a central goal of the CEC process.  By helping the client develop a working understanding and awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions which collectively determine how they operate in their daily life, this goal is achieved.  This expanded consciousness puts the client in the position of creating their experience rather than being at the effect of what happens.  How the clients meet and dance with change shifts as do their experiences of the world and their lives.