"A consultant is someone who improves the client's condition by providing skills, behaviors, content, advice, experiences and other factors unique to that individual over a designated period of time...All clients know what they want.  Few know what they need."  ~Alan Weiss

 As Einstein said, 'a problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created it'.   The Core Energy Coaching and Energy Leadership Development processes provide unique frameworks for individuals and corporate groups seeking a new path, helping them to gain clarity about their whole picture insuring that their decisions are both focused and high impact, addressing both their needs and wants.  

"Just as when coaching an individual, you are helping them understand the relationship between the whole and the parts, so when working with groups/teams/systems, you need to tend both the individual and the group structures as they are dynamic, interconnected, inter-related entities.  If you ignore one or the other, you will obtain less than desired results and change will not be sustained." ~Wendy Shumway, MD

In a consulting capacity, Dr. Shumway assists her clients in defining what is at the heart of their 'want' insuring that they also get what they need.  Her deep knowledge of group dynamics and family systems theory provide a rich perspective on operational difficulties encountered in service and business industries. When combined with her Core Energy Coaching background, Dr. Shumway brings a innovative perspective to her consulting work. Whether in her work with health care practices, school administration groups or business teams, Dr. Shumway focuses her consulting on empowering the organization and its members by cultivating a higher order understanding of the system's structure and their individual roles in creating it.  The ensuing shift results in greater engagement at all levels, higher productivity and increased job satisfaction.